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Model out of a cyclist

Model out of a cyclist


How to make a catalogue

 Eurofoam sport Team dresses are not only detectable in a cyclist peleton, but  thanks to very good results of our sportsmen can often be seen among the first three best runners in the winning ceremonials.

 The dresses are used for all kind of  other competitions as for example in extreem relay races, in  racings and in other sport activities.

 The Color variety and the good quality of the dresses signed by Company Sykora are well recognizable in the midst of all the runners.

 In order to highlight the presentation quality of the new dress collection EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM a decision was taken to present to the great public a new catalogue for the new season 2009.

 All the photos were taken in the company EUROFOAM quaters in Brno.
Under the supervision of a professional photographer Lucie our cyclists were  for one day metamorphosed into models.

 Under the mask of the models you can recognize real sportsmen Radka, Jirka and Stepan. Not only they look great in the dresses  but they are completely capable of using them to drenches during the sport competitions.

The traditional meticulous preparations before photo shooting

Jirka was a little late for the photo session

Lucie and Radka in action

Stepan is balancing on his bike

Jirka is forcing his way, no stress for Stepan

Let’s go !

Every single shot was well analyzed ...

..the results were worth the effort / who’d say that they were modeling for the first time in their life?

,,Finally we’ll be using the technology,,

In the dresses EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM all along the year

 Triatlon complet à la Stepan

What wouldn’t we do for a good photo?

ON-LINE Training plans


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