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About us



 About us


The Eurofoam Sport Team is an international community of amateur sportsmen supported by Eurofoam GmbH.

 We combine people for which sport is a lifestyle and compensation to the job. Our members are amateur sportsmen and simply body conscious people. The circle of our members contains employees and customers of Eurofoam, amateur and semi-professional sportsmen.

 The Eurofoam Sport Team arose as 5 MTB cyclists from Eurofoam TP participated in the Znovin Cup 2000. Till this day the number of our members and proponents has increased to more than 40.

 Represented are sports like running, kayaking, paragliding, etc. but the biggest group are bike- and MTB-fans. Due to international character of the company Eurofaom, also the Eurofaom Sport Team is active in many countries like: Austria, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania, and so on. 

 Everybody who participates in sport events under the name of Eurofoam becomes automatically our member.

 The information about the participation in sport events are presented on this homepage.



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Eurofoam GmbH
Greinerstr. 70
A-4550 Kremsmünster
Contact person:


Ing. Jiří Bartizal
Mahenova 26
Jihlava 58601

phone: +420 724 233 243

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