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58. - 29. – 9. - 9. - 32. - 7. - 6.  Succetion of  final Eurofoam Sport Team’s results that were supposed to lead towards the longly dreamt glorious victories in  DOLOMITENMANNA -  the most famous relay competition in extreme sports organized in Lienz, Austria.

This year they succeded!  In the 21st DOLOMITENMANNA The EUROFOAM team finished fourth.


Thanks to two vacant places on the competitors’ list the EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM’s coach Radek Sedlak didn’t hesitate a minute and designated another relay team that would compete under EST colours. So for the first time in history EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM had in total three relay teams ready to win. The mixture of a new blood (sportsmen competing here for the very first time: Jirka Vojak - race, Jan Mrazek – race, Jirka Suta – mtb, Milan Fajt – mtb) and of experience  (for the 8th time were competing here Martin Saitl – Kyak, Patrik Vyhlidal – paraglidig) was the right recipe.


It’s Saturday September 6th, 2008 9.55am, Lienz’s square

The Square is full of spectators, a helicopeter roars over their heads and the starter, the former Austrian representative in down-hill skiing Werner Grissmann is  waiting for 10 o’clock to start the race.

10 o’clock - the race has begun. 110 sportsmen are competing among them Petr Losman (the fastest amateur runner in 2003-this year he finished on the fourth position in amongs the amateur in time of 1:32:56 and on the total thirteenth position. Also Jirka Vojak is right from the begging among the head runners and finaly finishes second in amateur competition and ninth in the final clasification. His time is 1:31:31. Our third  runner is Jan Mrazek, who finishes twelve in 1:37:26.

The best runner this year is Jonathan Wyatt from KOLLAND TOPSPORT.  One of the intersting personnages taking part in this race was Andi Goldberger, representative for Austria in Ski jumps, his time was not bad at all: 1:51:57.


Because of the very bad weather  the relay in paragliding is shorten up. The start was from Mosalm, which was inicially the beginning of the second part in the paragliding competition, part that is quiet challenging for its about one kilometer long assencion. The sportsmen have of course parachutes at hand should they need them. All our three paragliders belong among experienced competitors. Patrik Vyhlidal is here for the eighth time. The best from the trio this year is Dalibor Kalab that finished on 29th place with the time of 18:32. He’s even doubled Patrik Vyhlidal in the racing part. The latter finished 44th among the paraglidists, his time was 19:34. Radovan Horecky finished only three seconds behind Vyhlidal.

EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM’s coach Radek Sedlak mentions that it would be interesting to analyze this years results of his team. It looks as if all the Czech representatives had a really hard time to defeat their Austrian homologues. Is it because of the smaller parachutes that the Austian are using?


Jirka Stastny was the fastest from the EUROFOAM team in the kayak competition. He finished on the fifteenth position (34:58). Tomas Eisner was right behind him, but at the end he finished on the 21st place. Martin Saitl represents  EUROFOAM DEFLAMO relay and finished 71st (51:43). The biggest star on the kayak was supposed be the Olympic winner from Athens French sportsman Benoit Peschier. Neverthless it wasn’t his best day as he finished only on the 13th position (32:09).


Two of our relay teams have begun the cycling part of the competition at the same time and both are fighting to be among the first three. Milan Fajt is the fastest in the assencion of Hochstein, but then it was Pavel Barton (1:42:56) that has taken him over going down the hill. Thanks to him his team finished fourth. As for Milan, he has problems with his breaks while coming down the hill, at the end his team “EUROFOAM NAWAPUR” finishes sixth as an amateur team (1:44:30). After more then 4 hour compatition the difference between our first two teams was only 102 seconds. Our last team’s (EUROFOAM DEFLAMMO) final result was 27th place. It was Jirka Suta, one of the new blood, that has brought the team to the finish in one hour fifty minutes and fifty five seconds.


All the members in blue dresses of EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM have enjoyed the evening result announcement. After eight years of  collecting all the experience they could, it is their dream that has become a reality. The succes is not celebrated only by the sportsmen but also by the backround organization part of EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM - People that don’t hesitate to sacrifice their holidays to come and encourage the teams on the road of DOLOMITENMANNA.  A great THANK YOU goes also to them.


Radek Sedlak the EUROFOAM’s chief is very proud not only of the great results of all the relay teams but also and above all he appriciates the friendly athmosphere among all their members.


What is next? The dream became a reality, our colours could be seen among the best four, but only 35 seconds made the difference between the third and our fourth place.  This is the real challenge that will bring our blue colours to Lienz again next year. So see you in 2009!




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