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Traditional  good bye

As every year THE SOBESICKA MULDA is the traditional final competition of the year for the EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM. It takes place in Brno’s disctricts Lesna and Sobesice. Technically difficult track and maybe also the fatigue of the end of the season are the reasons of  frequent falls that bring numerous funs. They choose the strategical and atractive places to watch the most intersting parts of the race.


The automn fog didn’t  discourage either the spectators or the sportsmen. This year the competition counted the second highest presence in the history of this event – 517 competitors presented themselves. In 2006  there were 521 sportsmen – the highest presence until today.


The main race in men’s category took place on the 5 km circuit with a 166m  altitude difference that  was  overrun 6 times in total.

Pavel Barton left very early in the competition the all the sportsmen behind him but Karel Zadak who was at the leading position. Unfortunatly after some technical problems, Barton had to withdraw from the race before the final. On the seventh place terminated  Jarda Rugl who was representing EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM already twice in Dolomitenmann. Milan Fajt, who was in Lienz this year also, was in Brno fighting more the microbes then the other competitors and finished nineth.


In the men’s category on the 15km track finished on the great third place Jirka Suta (39:44), only 30 seconds behind the winner Mirek Podhorsky (the world champion in quadriatlon) and Marek Vidlak (39:39).


Radek Sedlak was competing in the “40 years and plus”category on 15km track. Considering his very heavy working schedule and not much time for the training and the physical preparation his eleventh place was a great achievement (49:49). The winner in this category was Josef Vrzal (43:09).


Traditionally Mulda organizes also the children’s competition called “MULDICKA”. Even here the EUROFOAM SPORT TEAM’s colour were represented. Tomas Brozek, in the 8-9 year old boys’ category, finished second! What a great result! He finished 700m track in 2 minutes and 5 seconds and only 9 seconds behind the winner Jan Trutna.

Pepik Smetana  raced in the 6-7 year old boys’category and  had 33rd best time on the 350m  track.


Jakub Smetana  was competing in the 10-12 year old boys’ category and on the 5km track finished on the nineth place in time  of 17:48.





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